The Problem with California’s Jungle Primary

February 15, 2024

Welcome to the Steve Hilton Show. First, we have to address the national news story of the week: the Special Counsel report on Biden and his classified documents. The Democrats are desperately trying to escape the negative, but truthful comments questioning Biden’s capacity to be president. Then, we take a brief look at his foreign policy decisions. Despite Biden being sold this great “foreign policy genius”, his foreign policy has been the most disastrous part of his presidency and that’s the consequence of having someone at the top who’s not really in charge. In other news, California Senate candidate Barbara Lee wants to raise the minimum wage to $50 rather than address the Democrat policies that drastically raised the cost of living.

Then, joining us in this episode for California Corner is none other than Jennifer Horn. Jen and I deep dive into Sacramento’s homeless problem and how it was miraculously cleaned up for Leonardo DiCapro’s latest film project. We also analyze the topics discussed at the California Senate debate and discuss how California’s jungle primary has created a one-party system. Chris Coulombe also joins us today for Candidate Corner. Chris is running for election to the U.S. House to represent California’s 2nd Congressional District. He gives us a brief rundown of his background and his district’s current political situation. Lastly, I touch on the media malfeasance with a recent story regarding Trump and his words about NATO.