About Steve Hilton

The Rebel Base and The Daily California are projects of author, broadcaster and entrepreneur Steve Hilton. Best known for his FOX News Channel Show, “The Next Revolution,” Steve started this podcast to serve as a non-partisan home for everyone who wants to see change from the worsening consequences of one-party rule in his home state, California.

Steve was born in the U.K. to Hungarian parents who were refugees from Communism. After attending Christ’s Hospital school and Oxford University, Steve worked in politics for two years before joining advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi, after which he started his own business as co-founder of the Good Business consulting firm and the award-winning London Restaurant, The Good Cook. Steve returned to politics in 2005, assisting former Prime Minister David Cameron as his Head of Strategy. “Once credited as designing the modernized British Conservative image,” the New York Times writes, Steve worked in 10 Downing Street as senior advisor, focusing in particular on the design and implementation of domestic policy.

Steve moved to the U.S. with his family in 2012, settling in Silicon Valley. After teaching at Stanford University – including at its world-renowned Institute of Design (‘d.school’), Steve resumed his entrepreneurial career, co-founding Crowdpac, a political crowdfunding platform that aimed to make it easier for independent and independent-minded candidates to raise money to run for office without relying on big donors and party machines. Originally established as non-partisan, Crowdpac overwhelmingly attracted candidates from the left – so in 2018 Steve decided to follow the market and make it a progressive platform, stepping down as CEO. He is now working on a tech platform that will provide easy-to-access advice and support for parents.

Steve is the author of “Good Business – Your World Needs You”, a defense of free enterprise capitalism that also called for large corporations to be more accountable for their impact on society. His U.K. Sunday Times bestseller, “More Human – Designing a World Where People Come First” (also published in the U.S.) laid out a radical manifesto for change, arguing that government and business have become too big, bureaucratic and centralized – too distant from the human scale. This was followed up in 2018 with “Positive Populism – Revolutionary Ideas to Rebuild Economic Security, Family and Community in America”, which proposed 27 specific ways to return power to people.