Congressional Dysfunction and the Border Crisis

February 8, 2024

In this week’s episode, I first take a deep dive into the border bill and immigration crisis. Regardless if you’re an independent, Democratic, Republican, we should all be able to agree that Congress and the rest of our federal government is in absolute shambles. Then, joining us today for California Corner, is my longtime friend and editor of California Globe, Katy Grimes. Katy and I discuss the ballot initiative to overturn Prop 47 which is, of course, at the heart of so much of the crime and chaos we’re seeing in our cities. Joining us for Candidate Corner this week is Laurie Davies who is in the California State Assembly for the 74th District. She brings a unique perspective of the problems of affordable housing, safety, and crime from the state level. We end with a discussion on the recent Senate hearing last week that essentially reprimanded big tech CEOs of the United States for their handling of children’s online safety and exposure to sexual content.