Trump and Biden to Finally Face Off at Presidential Debate

May 17, 2024

It’s official! Joe Biden and Donald Trump are set to debate each other live for the world to see. On today’s show, we begin by discussing these upcoming presidential debates. Then, we briefly touch on the university protests. Specifically how these universities are canceling classes, changing graduation ceremonies, etc, making their entire student body suffer in order to pander to a loud minority. Joining me for California Corner is long-time friend Jennifer Horn of the Morning Answer! Jen and I break down recent progressive initiatives involving homelessness, alcoholics, and the LA Metro that have done nothing other than bring California and its citizens to the brink of total chaos. 

Then, Jeff Gonzalez joins me for Candidate Corner. Jeff is running for California Assembly in District 36, which covers three huge counties in Southern California. He shares his incredible story and his plans to reshape California. Lastly, I talk about Eric Adams story you may have seen all around the news and what his comments highlight about our immigration system.